A Shift in Direction

The original purpose of this site was to offer a fresh viewpoint on the topics of nonprofit leadership, holistic marketing, fundraising, and organizational development.  I titled it Hip Tips and my goal was to present interesting and insightful information, ideas, and points of view that would stimulate and motivate nonprofit/NGO's to strive for excellence.  After close to three years of posts, I hope I've acheived that goal… if only just a bit.  I plan to continue expressing my viewpoints on nonprofit management and so I've moved my Hip Tips posts to my business page, www.questusstrategies.com.

Today, this blog takes on a new direction.  I'll be shifting gears in order to spread my wings and expand my writing portfolio.  I plan to stretch myself in new directions, by expressing my thoughts in new ways, by trying new things, experimenting, pressing the envelope.  I hope to present my views on things that matter.  But not always, because sometimes, a little leavity is important.  Sometimes diversion is necessary for focus.  Largely, I plan to reflect on my experiences and offer opinions of importance regarding relationships and freindships, art, politics, travel, culture, and life in the mountains that produce dreams of the ocean; all sorts of reflections from a well-worn life.

I hope you join me.

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