The original purpose of this site was to offer a fresh viewpoint on the topics of nonprofit leadership, holistic marketing, fundraising, and organizational development.  I titled it Hip Tips and my goal was to present interesting and insightful information, ideas, and points of view that would stimulate and motivate nonprofit/NGO’s to strive for excellence.  After close to three years of posts, I hope I’ve achieved that goal… if only just a bit.  I plan to continue expressing my viewpoints on nonprofit management and so I’ve moved my Hip Tips posts to my business page, www.questusstrategies.com.

Today, this blog takes on a new direction.  I’ll be shifting gears in order to spread my wings and expand my writing portfolio.  I plan to stretch myself in new directions, by expressing my thoughts in new ways, by trying new things, experimenting, pressing the envelope.  I hope to present my views on things that matter.  But not always, because sometimes, a little levity is important.  Sometimes diversion is necessary for focus.  Largely, I plan to reflect on my experiences and offer opinions of importance regarding relationships and friendships, art, politics, travel, culture, and life in the mountains that produce dreams of the ocean; all sorts of reflections from a well-worn life.

But first, let’s start with a little about me…

rsolosky picture1b - crop“I’m a pragmatic optimist and strategy architect with a keen ability to strike a balance between imagining a greatly enhanced reality and developing genuine plans for achievement.”

I was raised in a small rural town with incredible values near the Saginaw Bay in Michigan by honest, hardworking, thoughtful, and caring parents; I have lived, survived, and thrived in the mountains of Colorado for over 30 years. A world traveler; the outdoors, diverse cultures, and the natural world inspire; open and positive people motivate and critical thought press the envelope of opportunity; a life-long student of wonder, wisdom, and incredible possibilities.

Our lives evolve across incredibly interesting horizons. I went to college to become a commercial pilot and graduated with a degree in business administration. That degree led me to my first sales position selling office equipment and later computers, which led me to starting and successfully selling two software development companies. A twelve year volunteer career in search and rescue led to a master’s degree in nonprofit management. I now have over 15 years of nonprofit leadership experience serving at various levels bridging both staff and board functions.

My professional passions revolve around ideas, ideals, and growth; the lens from which I view the world is always colored by my marketers’ eye. Vision, out of the box thinking, and creativity keep you ahead of the curve.

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